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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's open.....

Each year, as the weather warms, the flowers bloom, and the end of another year of school draws near, my children impatiently await the long-anticipated opening of our community pool!

And just several short months ago, I was dreading the thought of long days spent at pool's edge because my youngest had such a fear of water that I could only give him a bath once a week for fear he'd stop breathing each time he got near water. Caleb was so desperately afraid of the water that I was sure we would have to skip the pool entirely this summer!

But then, a miracle (certainly nothing short of one!)! Caleb decided that he did, in fact, like the water!

And that made everyone happy :D

REALLY happy :D

Because, you see, we are a family that takes our long days at the pool very seriously....

We spend hours and hours and hours and hours....

.....well, you get the idea!

But truly, we do spend all day long, several days a week during the summer, at the pool....

sun-up to sun-down!

Sometimes I even think....

I am raising a school of fish ;-)

So I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was yesterday when we hit the pool for the first time this season....

and Caleb not only loved the water.....

....he couldn't get enough of it, despite the fact that the water was FREEZING cold!!!

And the sign that it's been a successful day at the pool....

....a drooling 3yr-old sacked out on the back deck :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

In case you thought I was perfect...

You would not have recognized me yesterday morning.

Ugly.... inside and out.

Ugly on the outside. Hair in a bun. Old gray sweatshirt. Striped pajama bottoms. Deep, sunken eyes with dark circles under them.....


Ugly on the inside. Mad at the kids. Mad at my husband. Mad at my baby. Mad at myself. Mad at the world.....


The day had been so long already. It actually started at 11:30 Thursday night, when we awoke to our oldest son yelling for his dad. His younger brother, Noah, was sick.

That's an understatement.

After an hour of cleaning up piles of vomit from the bed and floor, we shut out the lights.

The vomiting continued, but I was preoccupied with other things. Around 2 am, the baby woke up fussy....and never went back to sleep.

In fact, it wasn't until 10:30 Friday morning that he finally took a decent nap.... on my chest! I wasn't able to move for about an hour as he slumbered.....

that gave me some time to think.

I was mad.

Mad about the fact that I had sick kids for over a week already. I had taken Jacob to the doctor just one week ago and was told he had adenovirus. Poor thing was a mess....

Watery eyes that wouldn't stop running and a nose to match. Not to mention an ear that was on the verge of infection! And then there was my baby that had been up all night, screaming with some sort of pain that I simply couldn't relieve......

And then, then there was Noah. At the time I wasn't sure what was wrong (we now know it's strep), just that he had a high temp and had thrown up more times than I cared to count!

In addition was all the laundry that stemmed from the previous night's bout of sickness. The sheets were waiting for me on the deck outside, still covered in vomit and needing to be washed....

And Matthew, well, he had decided to pour his own chocolate milk.... I'll just leave that one to your imagination.

Then there was Jacob, who is still technically "potty-training," and although he does great with the "potty" part, the "poop" part still leaves something to be desired. Yesterday was no exception, in fact, he seemed to be in "poop mode."

Oh, and I can't forget the fact that I too am on antibiotics for the third time THIS YEAR! Yet another bout of mastitis has plagued me, causing me to question my decision to breastfeed, if only for a brief second.

And besides the sickness that has engulfed our family lately, we recently found out that we get to pay the government taxes this year- in addition to what they've already taken from us. We normally get money back, but not this year. This year we owe over 8K....... but that's another soap box, better left for another post.

And while I was sitting, contemplating these things, baby snoring loudly on my chest, my husband called.

More bad news.... this time it was the car. You know, the car that's paid off and we're supposed to be saving so much money on because we don't have to make payments on it. The one that we've sunk over $7000 into within the last year.... yeah, that one!

We had some sort of leak and had to put it in the shop unexpectedly yesterday. They had called my husband to tell him the damage. For some reason, my husband thought I wanted to be in on the bad news..... not really.

A shot water pump, bad thermostat and rear brakes that were done for.... another $700 down the drain.

Mad. That was me.

Far from grateful.....far from thankful.


I'm reading this new book.

One Thousand Gifts

And my challenge has been laid out for me.

I've been really excited to take the dare that the book placed on my heart. To name one thousand gifts that I've been given. And not just the gifts that you unwrap, but the simple things in life that make you smile.

10. late night talks with teens

18. toothless grins

21. a baby on my hip

26. fingerprints on glass

31. sweet grapes

35. father wrestling with sons on a Saturday morning

Things that we take for granted.

Things that we forget to thank God for.

As I was sitting there, warm sun streaming through the nursery window, I thought about my list, and I realized something.

I had felt so much joy with each thing that I had written down over the last few days, but I didn't REALLY understand.

The idea isn't simply to think of a few things that make you happy and say thanks to God and then go on about your day.

That would be too easy.

The learning comes when you're put to the test. When things don't go your way. When kids throw up and you don't get any sleep and your budget goes south.

That's when feeling thankful REALLY counts.

When you thank your 3 year old for telling you that he pooped, rejoicing in the fact that he told you before trying to clean himself up, smearing poop all over the bathroom in the process :D

When your husband calls to tell you that you ONLY have to pay $700 to have the car fixed, because, it could have been much more and at least you have a car to drive.

When the doctor tells you your child has strep throat and you're thankful that at least it's NOT something more serious like cancer and he will be feeling great again in a few short hours.

When your teens come home late and wake you up to talk to you about their fun adventures and you're thankful they made it home safely to talk your ear off once more.

That's the lesson I'm only beginning to learn.....

on my road to perfect ;-)

Yesterday, I only added two things to my gift list:

37. Grace

38. Forgiveness

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm meeeeelting....

We got lots of snow, so my husband built a snowman....

One of his biggest snowmen to date!

(We're thinking he's at least 15 feet tall!)
But then it got warm out, and our snowman ended up headless.....

Too bad for our poor snowman, but GREAT for the boys who got to expend some built up energy....

When you've been cooped up for several weeks straight, then one sport at a time just isn't enough ;-) Josh had to roller blade and shoot hoops at the same time!

Matthew took advantage of the almost 60 degree temps to ride his bike!

AND we even got our Christmas lights taken down!! It's a good thing too, because the forecast for the next several days ain't good..... ice storm starting tonight and then 6-10 inches of snow on top of that by Tuesday!

(Does anyone else sense a snowday coming?!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween with The Gang

Well, better late...
than never ;-)
I'm finally getting some of our Halloween pictures posted!
Noah's pumpkin
Emily's pumpkin
Sophie's pumpkin
Allie & Sophie's Pumpcats!

Another one of Sophie's creations!
Josh's pumpkin
We had a Halloween Party at our house and Emily set up her "famous" haunted house! Here's one of the hallways....
And here's another...
Matthew helping on the outside....

Caleb played while we set up for the party!
For Halloween, Noah went as.....
And Jacob was a....
(Jacob was a spider!)

And Caleb was a....
Yep, that's a monkey!
Matthew went as The Incredible Hulk & Josh was a cowboy ;-)

Zack & I took the kids out for trick-or-treating....
We had fun, but it was chilly!

And in the end, there was lots of loot!

Now, how long 'til Christmas?!?!


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