Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just some cell phone pics

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you've probably already seen most of these pictures, but for those that only follow my blog, I wanted to share some of what we've been up to the last few days!  

As you know, we went from no animals just a short 4 months ago..... the latest (as of today) count of 22 animals!  Here's Banjo (Emily's dog) along with 2 (Huck & Finn) of Allie & Sophie's 3 cats.  We just started putting the cats outside during the day, and they don't quite get the idea that they're supposed to explore.....instead they like to sit in the window and torment the dog ;)

We've had a nice Christmas break so far, although it hasn't felt much like a vacation with Zack at work every day except Christmas and New Year's :/  This has been the first year since we've been married that Zack hasn't had the week between Christmas & New Year's off, and it's been a little sad for us to not have him around to relax and enjoy our family time together.  And we normally spend Christmas with family or on a trip, so with no special plans this year, we were thankful Santa brought 4 of the kids paintball guns to keep them occupied over the break!

They've spent many hours building forts and bunkers for their paintball wars :)

This next picture is one that I titled we're so cute that you won't mind that we tore up you're Christmas tree and snagged all your curtains!

That's Felix (our first cat) and Huck for you......kinda remind me of Matthew and all of his antics!

As I mentioned, we've continued to add animals to our farm, and today we added goat number 3!  This is Bailey....

He's a wethered, 5yr old goat that a neighbor down the road was giving away.  We decided to take him so that we will have a second male to keep the male that we still plan to get company.  Was that confusing??  We decided to go ahead and get a male to mate with our females so that we don't have to take our females to be mated on a regular basis at another farm.....just makes the whole process a lot easier :) 

Like my boots?!  I finally added some duct tape to the top so I could tell them apart from the other kids!  With 10 of us constantly throwing on our muck boots to go out to the pasture, it was getting a little hard to tell whose boots were whose!  Sophie has camo tape on her boots and Emily has bright orange ;)

We spent the day today adding chicken wire to the bottom half of our pasture fence since our chicks are finally ready to roam!  We think we ended up with a total of 3 roosters (that's 3 more than we wanted when we specifically asked for all hens), but we have decided it might be for the best because Emily is talking about starting her own hatchery.  There aren't any within 45 minutes of us, and it seems like it might be a good way to bring some money in to make up for some of the farm costs.  Here's Allie with one of our hens (Lola- a Plymouth Barred Rock).....

And here's my handsome hubby headed out to put up more chicken wire!  I titled this one Farmer Zack 

We still have lots of work to do to get the summer gardens ready and prepare for more animals, so I was thrilled today when I made a stop at Home Depot and found $100 worth of lumber on sale for 70% off, making my grand total $30!!!!  Most of the boards were 14-footers, & I was pretty proud of myself for getting them loaded up and home safely with no help from Zack :)  LOVE my new truck!!

And of course we're still committed to eating organic and Non-GMO, so our bread is always fresh and yummy!  

These are some of the homemade sandwich buns Emily whipped up for dinner tonight, and they were SO good :)  We're looking forward to finally having our chickens laying all of our eggs and our goats giving us our milk in the very near future! 

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