Monday, July 15, 2013

Just fishin'

My girls have been going fishing for years.  They started out fishing up here in Montana, and then were able to perfect their skills when we lived in Kansas and had a stocked neighborhood pond.  One of the top "must do" things on our list while we are here has been to go we did :)  

No one was more excited than Matthew, who woke up early the morning of fishing day and left little notes for us all over the house....

Whether you catch anything or not, the area is so gorgeous that it's a great way to spend the day!

We were lucky to have a cool and cloudy day

Noah had the first catch of the day

The girls are so great about helping the little kids and making sure they catch at least one fish 

Little brother watching big brother 

The kids were catching small rainbow trout (we think that's what they were anyway!)

I think we ended up with about 9 fish in the end!

Matthew was beside himself when he caught his first fish 

Sophie is a master at getting fish off the hooks

Jacob's first catch!

Caleb was happy to just have a bobber floating in the water.....hook not required ;)

Peek-a-boo with Emily!

Pulling out more fish hooks.....

Learning how to cast.....

One thing is for sure.....I don't have an sissy boys....or girls for that matter ;)


Jessica said...

I love your daughter's sweatshirt. I had no idea there was a show all about sustainable farming. Unfortunately I cannot find season 1 on dvd or streaming (we don't have cable). I am going to keep searching to find where I can watch this show!

Jenny said...

Hey Jessica- daughter loves the show "Farm Kings" She doesn't get to watch it very often as it's on the Great American Country channel, and we only get it when they're running channel promos :( Hope you can find it!!


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