Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Dump

I realize that I am way behind in posting photos from our California outings, and honestly, there's no way they're all going to make it on here!  Instead, I thought I'd just do a random photo dump and throw some pictures from each of our adventures up to share.  We've done so much and have really made the most of our time here, but I'm not sad to say we're beginning to count the days until we return home!!!  

Actually, we have decided to go spend the 4th of July up at my parents' house in Montana (have I mentioned that before?  It's hard to remember what I post on here vs what I put on Twitter and Face Book!)!  Allie has a few days off from photography school and will be able to go to my parents' as well, and since it's only about a 15-hour drive from Irvine (as opposed to the 30+ hours from Georgia), it seems like a great opportunity.  So, we leave for Montana 2 weeks from today and will spend 5 days up there!  And by the time we get back to Irvine, we will have less than 2 weeks before we begin to make our way back to Georgia (with a stop in Kansas along the way to see old friends!)!

So, back to the pictures!  Here's one from Magic Mountain!

Great amusement park with tons of fabulous roller coasters!  So happy we got the chance to go!

And here's Allie before she headed off to photography school!  We found an amazing place called Bruxie that does waffle sandwiches and things like fried chicken and waffles.  In this picture, we were trying their waffle desserts....YUM!

Downtown Disney

We spend lots of time at various playgrounds in the area!

 A fun and historic little burger place (Ruby's Shake Shack) along the Pacific Coast Highway near Laguna Beach....again.....YUM!

Salt Creek Beach


My caption on Twitter for this shot was "A Mariachi Band and a bunch of gringos" ;)


The famous and beautiful Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island just off San Diego!  Love this place and have stayed there several times over the years, so we enjoyed the opportunity to visit once again!

Visited the seals in La Jolla!

I have to laugh at this next shot as they didn't know what was about to happen.....


Seals all over the rocks just feet from us and completely in the wild! So cool!

Seals are hard to see in this next shot but there are at least 4 on the rock

La Jolla coastline

Giant minion blimp :)

Spent Father's Day at the historic Crystal Cove Beach....gorgeous!

Can't believe how Josh has grown!  Too bad he had his eyes closed!

Zack & I celebrated our 22nd anniversary on Sunday, but since it was Father's Day, we decided to go out to dinner on Saturday night instead.  We ended up eating at The Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove....a historic place that's been around since the 1930's and sits directly on the beach!  And it's the same place that we went back to the next day to spend Father's Day!  Absolutely awesome!  Loved the history and the atmosphere!

Zack helping Matthew catch a wave ;)

My bookworm!  Her favorite author is Steinbeck, and she reads about a book a day ;)

The walkway down to gorgeous Salt Creek Beach

Emily's sand creations :)

Josh's head ;)

Not sure WHY they think this is fun!

Legoland without our Allie :(

And one final shot of gorgeous La Jolla

As I mentioned, we have really enjoyed our time here, but we are more than ready to go home!  We're looking forward to getting a dog and some goats as soon as we return, doing some painting in the girls' rooms and completely implementing our new way of eating!  

I've been getting lots of email asking me about how we're eating, what we're eating, etc, and I plan to share everything that we've learned so far in my next post!

I also wanted to share some exciting news!  After much consideration, Sophie (who will be a senior this coming school year) has decided to pursue a career in medicine as a pediatric doctor!!!!  She hopes to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and then will apply to medical school where she will spend another 4 (actually 7+) years learning to be a doctor!  We are insanely proud and excited for her, and we know that she will be such a blessing to all of her patients!  


Heather said...

San Diego is lovely and we particularly enjoyed the La Jolla Cove when we were there two years ago. Your pictures brought back a lot of memories for me! Looks like a lot of fun in the sun!

Hannah said...

What a wonderful experience for you all! I'm sure this will end of being one of the best summers you've all had. How fun especially after your summer last year.
My cousin is in her final year of residency and it was rough. She is the most driven person I know amd almost gave up. I don't want to scare sophie away, but just want you to continue to believe in her even if she changes her mind as the final decision gets closer. It is a wonderful goal to have and good luck to her whether she stays with it or not!

Jenny said...

Hey Hannah! Not to worry...although Sophie's middle name is Grace, we've repeatedly considered changing it to "stubborn!" If ANYONE can do it, it's her ;) She is insanely driven and dedicated like no one I've ever met!

Jenny said...

But that said, I would be thrilled to have her do anything with her life that brings her true joy and peace :) I'm a college dropout and I already have 2 daughters that probably won't attend college...we believe in going where our hearts are led!

a portland granny said...

I loved the pictures--takes me back to the summers I spent in S. Ca when the children were still were young. It is beautiful and the weather is such a nice change from ours here in Oregon. (its raining today)

As I look at all of the happy faces in your adventures, it suddenly dawns on me that a family of ten is expensive when it comes to sight seeing some of these places! I am thrilled that you have been able to do so many wonderful experiences with the children.

I'm sure your folks are waiting anxiously for your family to visit. I am so glad you can do it. What fun for all!!

Good for Sophie in her decision. With her family behind her, she'll do it..its a long course, but so worth while. Bless her for following her heart's desire!

Keep enjoying your summer. I do know the feeling in wanting to get home and nest again! I think you will all know you are doubly blessed in your choice of homes, when those kids can run at will, yell, and, yes, have their gun fights!!

Stay safe

Jenny said...

It IS expensive!!! We were lucky enough to get free tickets to Legoland when we bought new tires for Allie's car & that's the only reason we went there! And we chose Magic Mountain over a Disney Park because its less than half the price, not to mention you save even more when you buy tickets online and one week or more in advance! Gotta know the tricks ;) And this is actually a pretty cheap "vacation" for us since our housing and living expenses are covered while we're here!
Happy to be here since it means being with dad, but definitely longing for home more and more!

Katie said...

Found your blog off of Pinterest. My best friend lives in Cumming, Atlanta and your house reminds me of hers. It is so beautiful!!! I got to reading about your family and back when your husband lost his job in 2011. When I read your post it reminded us of what happened to our family last year as well. It was so similar. We have moved several times as well and at one point my husband traveled all the time, it stunk. When I read some of your posts it was if I wrote them myself. I had so many of the same emotions. I'm glad everything has worked out so well for you and your family. My husband also found a job quickly and everything is much better now. You seem like a amazing mom and I am enjoying reading about your beautiful family and tips on parenting and fun ideas. Take care God Bless!! Katie


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