Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blaming it on the blonde!

I'm an idiot!  When I added the moderation function to my blog comments, it meant that all the comments would come to me in email form so that I can approve them.  So, for a few months now, I've been replying to the emails that Blogger sends me whenever I have a comment, not realizing that these are "no reply."  Ooops!

 Unfortunately, some of these were from women with questions about their endometriosis, and I'm sure they think that I have completely ignored them, despite the fact that I have replied to everyone of them, sometimes with very lengthy replies!!!

I am so upset about all of this!  I will try to take some time to go back through all of my "sent" messages and see if I can find the ones that really need to get to some of you!  I apologize if you think I didn't respond to your messages!  Please forgive me!

If you did send me a note and never heard from me, will you PLEASE send me another message with your email address so that I can answer your questions!

My email address is

So sorry for any inconvenience.....I'm blaming it on the blonde hair ;)


Cathy's World said...

I read your most recent blog post and I had to write you. I have been reading your blog for a long time. I have enjoyed it so much.I have read about your daughter Allie.My daughter has endometriosis also

At 14, they told me she had a ruptured cyst and she was bleeding internally and that she had one of the wrost tubal infections they had ever seen. That was through a scoping
At 15 they went in again and said it was another bad tubal infection. It wasn't until after her first baby, they went in again and said it was endo.

The pain is so bad, as you know. The last time she went to her OBGYN he said to either get pregnant or have a hysterectomy. While pregnant, she is not in any pain. They knew in their hearts that their was one more baby waiting for them. He is beautiful. He is 4 1/2 months old. She now has 3 beautiful children. The sad thing is, she can't take care of them on her own. She started the depo shot 2 1/2 months ago in hopes that it would help with the Endo. She said she would never take another one. She lost so much hair, She has been bleeding for 10 weeks. Today she called, (like every day.) to tell me she passed a massive clot and was bleeding so badly. I rush over almost every morning and take her 5 year old to school. She is so dizzy she is scared to drive. Then I take care of her 3 year old daughter and the baby. Her son goes to an academy. It is about 5 miles away. I am so afraid for her to drive. I called her Dr, as I always do. They tell her to go to the ER. Once at the ER, they tell her to see her OBGYN. They have banned me from calling them. "I have lost the niceness. That is my baby!! They are doing yet, another scoping on the 25th of this month. This Dr has not been in so he wants to make sure that it is indeed Endo. Then he will be doing a hysterectomy. After we wait for another referral. I have a PPO and my heart goes out to her having a HMO.
Jenny. I am crushed. I sat back and watched my son suffer from brain cancer and a stroke in a children's hospital for 11 months. Then I had to take him off life support and watch him die. Now I am watching my daughter in so much pain. She has lost that light in her eyes and that beautiful smile doesn't appear as much.

She can't have the surgery that Allie had because her insurance won't pay for it. They only cover 60%. I told her we will find a way to get that surgery done. I think she is done!!!! She wants the "full" hysterectomy because she knows this pain will be gone. I am worried about early menopause. She won't be able to take anything because any hormones will cause growth of new Endo. That is why they will take her ovaries also. They produce hormones. So it would have to be a full hysterectomy.

My question to you is, Do you think a full hysterectomy is a good idea for a 27 year old? I am so lost at this point. I just want her well.

Thank you for reading. I hope all goes well with your move.

God Bless,

Jenny said...

Hey Cathy! I'm going to send you a personal email since that's a whole lot to get into here!


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