Friday, February 8, 2013

Chalk Paint

Our latest project...

In preparation for moving into our new house, we are in the process of trying to paint some of our furniture so that we can combine several of the kids' bedroom sets into one room.  The best way to do this, of course, is with paint.....and if you know us, then you know that we don't shy away from a painting project ;)

The plan is to paint this bunk bed set so that it goes with the other bunk bed set that will be in the same room.  We're putting 4 of the boys in a large room together.  I've been dying to try working with Annie Sloan's chalk paint, and this is the perfect excuse!

We started with a coat of Old White....

The best part about Annie Sloan paint is that there is no prepping or priming....just slap the stuff right on your wood!

We did 2 coats of paint and then moved on to the clear wax to seal the paint.  It darkens up the paint just a bit.  After that was dry, we proceeded to do the dark wax coat

You can see the difference between the paint with no dark wax and then adding the dark wax

The boys' bedroom has a western theme, so this is the look I was hoping for :)

The next piece we did was this tv cabinet.  We plan to use it in our new living room, but it was black, and if you saw the pictures (post below!) of our new house, then you can see how light and bright it is! I'm trying to stay away from all of my dark furnishings and decor and get some color in our home!

So of course the best solution is to paint the piece!  We decided to go with Annie Sloan's Country Gray on this piece....a color that goes with just about anything :)

After 2 coats, we chose to distress this piece a bit instead of doing the dark wax....going for a different look than the boys' bedroom set....

You can see the original black coming through the chalk paint

After distressing, we did a final coat of the clear wax

And voila!  

We still have several projects planned, but it's a start!  Looking forward to trying Annie Sloan's Duck Egg Blue on another bedroom set next ;)


SILVIA said...

looks good jenny.i have an old hutch i think i will be trying this..thank you and all the best with the new chapter..

a portland granny said...

Oh boy!! Are those two pieces neat!! Its funny, but last night I decided to google chalk paint....and what a delicious education I did get!! Can hardly wait to see the blue you will be doing. I'm planning to do my bedroom over and so I will be watching your ideas with great interest. I would love to try the chalk paint on a very large piece of bedroom furniture that is mahogany. I have got to decide if I should really change the finish--right now I'm just collecting ideas--I am definitely striping the wallpaper and will go with a dark color on the walls. Wish you lived close enough to give me some good ideas.

I can hardly wait to see your stuff in the new house. I know you will have more than buckets in your built in shelves! :)

Looks like a wonderful family home and I hope you can stay there for years and years. Will it be close enough so that you can continue at the church you are attending?

I am thinking you are going to leave it move-in ready when you leave for Cal.

Blessings, as you go through another move! "Many hands make light work" or so a saying goes...something like that!

Unknown said...

i love this, jenny!!! i'm going to have to try that june when i'm done with school! ;)


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