Friday, February 24, 2012

State of Affairs

Well, it's been exactly one week since the meltdown I had on my blog, and I have to say I'm a bit embarrassed ;D  After re-reading my last post, I realized how spoiled rotten I sounded, and I am regretting ever hitting publish!  But thanks to some well-written comments, I was able to regain my footing.  It's not that I forgot how blessed we are to have a roof over our heads and food on the table, it's that I refused to acknowledge it for a short time, and I definitely needed some thanks to those of you that left me comments!

Anyway, I managed to get some things done over the last week, and I wanted to share them!  Our school/playroom is coming along nicely!

The walls are all painted, and we have one wall that is entirely chalkboard paint, and another wall that has magnetic paint on it!  I have lots of shelves to organize our toys, books and school supplies....

We still have some toys that will eventually land in Jacob & Caleb's room, but until the basement is finished and the girls move out of the little boys' room, they will continue to clutter up the schoolroom.

We found some great posters for the walls- my new favorite store is The School Box :D

We've also implemented several different ways to maintain law and order since we're now ALL home ALL day long!  I'm planning to do a post about those new tools soon....

In an effort to display our artwork, we not only painted a magnetic wall, but we also hung up clothes line across the ceiling....

Here's our calendar wall- we put a comfy chair to sit and read in the room as well, and I'm hoping to add some bean bags once we move the train table out!

This is the wall with the magnetic paint.  We did a 4x8ft section in the center of the wall, and Zack is going to cut trim to frame it in for us this weekend!

The upstairs still needs lots of work, but we are really at a standstill until the basement is done.  That will free up our storage space and get all the girls' stuff where it belongs!  I'm hoping to start painting Noah & Matthew's room this weekend so we can begin to decorate in there.

About half of our main level is done.  I finally got the clutter cleared from my hearth room and got it decorated....

The lampshade is still missing its base, but I have yet to unpack it :D  Not quite sure where it ended up!

Notice my wonderful new rooster sitting on the hearth!  I got it at Home Goods for a steal & it's one of those pieces I just ADORE!  Makes me smile every time I see it :D

The blinds in the room were so terrible and cheap that we just trashed them!  Unfortunately, the previous owners replaced all the blinds when they moved out with those cheapy, do-it-yourself blinds from some home-improvement warehouse, and they are all going to have to come down sooner or later!

I think I'm going to love spending time in the hearth room & best of all, it has no T.V.!!!

The living room is pretty much done too.  We are waiting for the curtains we ordered to arrive, and I still have to hang a few pictures, but the hard part is done....

All except for that horrible WHITE paint that needs to go!

Oh yeah, and that ugly marble around the fireplace!  I plan to replace that with stone at some point, but first we have to repaint most of the house, and we also plan to antique all the kitchen cabinets ourselves....that ought to be an interesting project ;D

It's a small room, but we'll make it work!  I found a fun clock for the entry area that I love....

 I still need to sort through and find places for all my framed pictures (they're piled up in the dining room right now), so I just have an empty picture stand on the entry chest, but at least it's mostly done!

The office and dining room still need lots of work.  The movers broke the bookshelves (2 sets) that go in the office, so we aren't able to put anything away in that room- it's a mess!  And the dining room is home to all the decorations that I plan to use in the basement when it's finished.

We're still dealing with lots of issues.  The kitchen faucet has no hot water and the entire thing needs to be replaced.  The compartment that holds the soap in the dishwasher won't open by itself and the dishwasher is in rough shape, so we're probably going to have to replace it as well.  The movers also broke my practically brand-new dryer, and we finally got it approved to have it replaced!  The frame was completely damaged and dented in, and the door kept popping open when I tried to dry our clothes! It only took 3 weeks to get something done :/

But on the bright side, the excavation on the pool will be starting next week, and the basement is on track to be done by March 9th at the latest!!  As I write, the guys are down there hammering away and putting up the final sheetrock :D

We're headed out to the science museum for family night tonight!  We are excited to look at the Georgia night sky through the observatory there, and the boys can't wait to see the show at the planetarium!  I think we're going to love having that membership!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Still unpacking....

Still here.....and still unpacking.

After experiencing a panic attack last week, I'm finally feeling a tad bit more in control of my situation, although, that could change in the blink of an eye!

Yes.  I spent about 10 minutes one day last week unable to catch my breath, and then it took me about an hour to recover.  I couldn't move a muscle.  I just sat limp in a chair as drool ran down my face everyone kept functioning around me.  It was AWFUL!!

And yes, I am a control freak, but this is beyond crazy.  My life is so completely and utterly out of control these days, that it takes all my energy just to walk across the room.  Stress has rendered me completely useless at some points, and there are times when I feel as though I will fall asleep as I'm walking.  I am utterly amazed at what stress can do to the human body, and I hope I never have to go through this again!!

It's not helping that in addition to moving to a new state, moving into a house that's half the size of our old house, homeschooling 5 out of 8 children, and dealing with contractors finishing our basement, Emily is back in Kansas (and has been for the last 11 days), and Allie is in complete and utter depression.  So the help that I had hoped to have while trying to homeschool and unpack boxes is pretty much nonexistent!

Because the basement is still unfinished, it has made it almost impossible to finish up the unpacking as I have no idea what I will be able to put down there, and we have lots of Allie & Emily's things scattered on the main level.  Our builder has told us he should be done in about 2 more weeks.  The plumbing is complete, electrical done, and they are finally ready to sheet rock.  That will help.

But instead of rambling on, as I'm quite certain this isn't making much sense to anyone, I'll just show you the pictures of where we're at exactly 2 weeks after the moving truck dumped our load!

Here's the gang watching the Super Bowl our first night in the new house...

First morning of homeschool....

Putting together Sophie's bed!  It's actually Caleb's crib (which converts to a full-sized bed), but we gave his nursery set to Sophie- we've done a LOT of rearranging to make things fit in this house!

The boys enjoyed the ever-growing piles of boxes in the garage....

After setting our boxes at the curb, the garbage company decided not to take them after all, and we had to lug them all back up to the garage!

Here's my hearth/sunroom today....

We had to pull down all the blinds.  The previous owners put up cheap, crappy blinds that don't fit, don't match and don't work!!!  I am so mad!  We're still debating what to do about it!

You can see the piles of things that still need to be put away, and I haven't done any decorating yet...

I did find some awesome pillows- they made my day, and that's saying a lot these days!

Another source of my stress....

The laundry room is so small that I've had to put clothes baskets in a closet across from the laundry room.  It's killing me right now, but I know that I will eventually get used to it :/

The above shot is the hallway to the garage door, and the closet where the clothes baskets are is on the left side.  The laundry room door is straight across the hall on the right.

There it is.  It's so small that I can barely fit in it with the doors to the machines open.  There is no folding counter and there is nowhere to store any laundry....clean or dirty.

The sink is tiny and the space below it is too small to store our plunger, laundry soap, or any of the other things we used to store below our sink.

Here's the kitchen.  I'm thankful to have all my cupboards organized, but I did have to take piles and piles of things to Goodwill.  No room.

The small kitchen desk won't ever be a desk and is currently housing our trash bag.  Because there is no room in the kitchen to store trash, we are moving some drawers from beside the sink over to the desk area and they will go in the open space which will make room for a trash drawer or trash compactor by the sink- not sure which one yet.

The kitchen is small and cramped, but I'm doing my best to make it work.

Probably the worst space is our kitchen eating area.  It won't hold our old table, so we bought this small table for breakfast and lunch and are planning to eat family dinners in our formal dining room.  We do have 4 stools at the kitchen counter, so we can still seat 8 in the kitchen, but not the 10-12 that we used to be able to seat.

The living room is small.  And it's still full of boxes.

The office is a mess, and we aren't able to unpack because the movers broke 2 sets of our

The front porch does have two rockers and two wreaths!  Progress!

The formal dining room.  Small.  Cramped.  But we did find a new table that seats 10, and this is where we'll eat dinner.

We were so spoiled in our last house.  Not only did we have about 7000 sq ft of living space, but we had 2 sets of staircases going from the main level to the upstairs, plus a really nice set of open stairs to the basement.  This house has a scary, steep little staircase leading up, and the same kind of stairs going to the basement.  And they're not carpeted, so we all hold on for dear life!

Allie is currently sharing a room with Jacob, so her bed is in the middle of the room.  This means she is still living out of a suitcase and I can't finish decorating the room :/  Emily will be in here when she returns this weekend, but then she leaves again to go stay with my mom in Montana for 3 weeks, so she'll have her own room by the time she returns in March.

My room.  I have several bruises from running into boxes in the middle of the night.  Hoping to finally get something done in here this weekend.

Our last master was SO nice.  Fireplace, tons of space.  We loved that space.  This room is not so big and is weirdly shaped.  We bought a cheapy crib from Wal-Mart so we could keep Caleb in a crib for a few more months- he's just not ready for a bunk bed, but he will eventually share a room with Jacob.

I hate having our t.v. on the wall, but we couldn't fit a t.v. cabinet in our room, so I had to lose my mirror and do this instead :/

The top of Zack's dresser needs some work!

Josh has his own room- it's teeny-tiny, but it's his!

Matthew and Noah are sharing a room in our new house.  We got a new set of bunk beds for them and the dressers are supporting the upper bunk....which is nice because there is no extra space for anything else in the room!

The playroom/schoolroom is my saving grace!  It has great space and we will spend lots of time in here!

We plan to paint it this weekend and will have one wall completely covered in chalkboard paint.  The other walls will have magnetic paint on them so we can hang our artwork :D

We have lots of space for the boys to do their schoolwork too!

My closet....currently holding everything that doesn't fit anywhere else in the house.....


And finally, the basement....

We will have 2 bedrooms, a theater room, and a guest room/kitchen area down here.  This is Emily's room....

Here's the theater!  They hung the t.v. to be sure everything is working properly before sheetrock goes up....

And this will be the kitchen area.  I will put a table in this room and we will also have a daybed.  Sounds weird, but I think it's going to work out and will be a great space for the kids to hang out with friends or for guests to stay.  The bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen.

And finally, the garage.  Tiny....and full.  Our second truck arrived on Tuesday this week and this is where all of our remaining shipment ended up!  It's packed wall to wall!!  And we can't do anything about it until the basement is done.  Might as well order me a straight jacket now :/  We're having our builder build a shed to match the house because there is NO WAY our stuff is all fitting in this garage!

At least the kids have a new trampoline!  We got a really nice one this time, and the kids have spent hours and hours on it.  And it's a good thing, cuz there's no way they're ever getting their bikes out of that garage!!!

Hope I haven't scared you all to death.  We'll survive....but it's definitely taking its toll.  Prayers appreciated.


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