Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't call me...

...I'll call you!

Well, when I get a new cell phone that is!

(Left my old one on the back bumper of my car yesterday and it flew off on a busy road - several cars later, this is what was left!)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not in MY neighborhood...

Hey everyone!


it's been a looooooong time....

and I'm not even sure if I remember how to type ;-)

(Of course, I'm sitting here typing with a soundly sleeping baby in between me and the keyboard!)

Well, I have so very much to catch everyone up on, but it still seems so hard these days to find the time. And, unfortunately, the longer I go without updating, the more I have to write about- hence, the more I put it off!

And I have no plans to attempt it today.

Actually, I just wanted to write a quick post today because something happened yesterday that was so incredibly appalling to me that I have to share.

We've spent a lot of time taking care of medical stuff lately. Keeping 8 kids healthy can be quite a chore, and between doctor and dentist visits, I'm really thinking someone should be paying ME for all the time I've spent in waiting rooms.....

no.... really....

I'm serious.


Anyway, back to the story (no wonder I haven't done this for awhile- obviously I'm much too verbose!)- so, this week has been our week to get all of our well-child visits done, and I've been taking them in, 2 by 2 by 2 by 2.....! Yesterday, it was Sophie and Josh's turn. Sophie is now 14 and Josh turned 12 yesterday.

(poor guy had to have 2 shots on his birthday)

what kind of mother DOES that?

Before the doctor ever even comes in, the nurse asks 5 million questions, mostly generic and pertaining to everything from the state of their bowels to their maternal grandfather's high cholesterol- no big deal, right? Well, yesterday, after asking my children about how their grades are in school and if they get along with their peers, the question that I NEVER expected to hear was asked....

and do you have a special GIRLFRIEND or BOYFRIEND?

(Please be aware that this question was addressed to each child, not simply asking my daughter if she has a boyfriend or my son if he has a girlfriend- which, by the way, I don't see any relevance in either. I mean, what would the next question be if they had said yes..... oh, would you like a condom?!)

Needless to say, I sat there in shock, trying to decide if I should protest the question. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I realized that neither child really seemed to notice as they answered "no" and that by objecting to that question being posed I might actually be drawing more attention to it, leading to me having to explain to my children why on earth someone would ask such a thing.

So, I kept my mouth shut, only to find myself having to bite my tongue as she went on to explain to the kids that some people like people that are the same as them and that is not for the nurse or doctor to judge because it's OK.....


Really, why couldn't she just leave it alone?!

I was mortified.

But, I was still hoping that my kids were thinking more innocently about the whole thing and didn't REALLY "get" what was going on.

I mean, we live in a very conservative area- an area that, up until now, I haven't had to worry about condoms being passed out or, for that matter, even mentioned in school. An area where forms are sent home for permission to show my kids any "controversial" material pertaining to their growth and development (which has been very appropriate and I have had no concerns over).

And we've been in to this same doctor for well visits before, many times, and this question has never been asked. This was, however, the first time we had ever been taken care of by this particular nurse, so, while it may be the policy of the office to ask these questions, I'm guessing that most of the nurses know us well enough to avoid this particular area. They did ask Allie (17) and Emily (16) about drug or alcohol use when they were in the day before, but that was the extent of it- or so I thought.....

You see, when I got home yesterday, the first thing I did was get the 3 girls together to discuss what had happened, and I learned more than I really wanted to know. Sophie, age 14, did tell me that she had been aware of what the nurse was asking- I figured she probably was. But what came as a shock to me was when Allie and Emily chimed in and told me how the nurses had tag-teamed me and I didn't even know it. Apparently, they have a system going where one nurse will take the parent in the room while another nurse takes the kids to get weighed and measured, and it's at that time that they show the kids a list of questions and have them read and then answer out loud with a "yes" or a "no" after reading each question. The questions pertain to sex, drug and alcohol use. They seem to start this procedure when the kids are 13, because they didn't do it with Sophie and Josh, and I have to assume that's because Josh was younger and they were together. They did, however, do it to both Allie and Emily. The next step is to take the kids back in the room and ask them the same questions in front of the parents.

Now, here's where it gets interesting....

Allie is pretty sure that the point of this whole process is to see what the kids say when they are out of mom's sight and then to see if they answer the same when they are in the room with mom. Then, if the child admits to something out in the hall but not in front of mom, they know the child is not being honest with the mom.


And really, I'm fine with them asking about alcohol and drug use.... I guess.

I suppose there are lots of children out there with parents that don't care or aren't aware, so maybe it's a good thing.

What I object to is the process.

I mean, if they're going to such great lengths to get information from children when I'm sitting right there, what on earth are they doing behind my back?!

As I said before, I didn't used to worry about these things. I thought we were safe from the liberal agenda here....

in my neighborhood.

Hello world- I'm awake now.

And sad.

Sad to know that my 12-year old is being asked questions about and being led to believe that it's OK for him to be a homosexual.

And sad to think that our society says it's OK for doctors and teachers to step in and "educate" my children on matters that belong in the home.

Guess this speaks VOLUMES for those that homeschool. On the other hand, this didn't happen at school..... it happened at the doctor- with me in the room.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mow Baby Mow!!

We've been talking about getting one for YEARS, but last week, we finally put our money where our mouths are....
...bit the bullet....
....broke down....
....and bought one....
...and it's fabulous!!! Why didn't we do this YEARS ago?! We could have skipped....
...all those trips to Disneyworld ;-)


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