Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Rose scam

Boy did I get caught up in a scam! It all started a few days ago when I received a tweet from Angie over at Bring the Rain asking everyone to pray for a woman who was in labor with a baby that was not expected to live! She had a blog address for the woman, so I headed over there and started reading. I must admit, the blog did seem a little strange- there was really nothing in the sidebar about the mother or the baby, and the mother went by the name "B" and referred to her husband as "D." There was no information that I could find about what was wrong with the baby or why they did not expect her to live, but the posts made it look as if she had been delivered and was still alive. And they had hourly posts that said things like "5 hours and April is still with us!" The blog was supposedly being updated by a woman that was not even at the scene, but living across the country and "in contact" with the mother- presumably by phone. I immediately began praying and even grabbed the button that they had in the sidebar and posted it to my own blog- you may have noticed it there. I took the button down this morning when I went over to Mckmamma's blog and stumbled upon a conversation in her community regarding the whole "April Rose scam!" From there I spent about an hour checking other blogs and began to see that people are uncovering what seems to be a clever scam- well, maybe not that clever, since she got caught. People have now discovered the true identity of the author of the blog- at least it seems that way. At this point, the "April Rose" blog is down, and there is now way to get any more information about this baby that was supposedly born and was clinging to life. The author ,"B," did make the comment yesterday on the blog that she was getting "lots of hate mail." I did think that seemed weird- not knowing why on earth she would be receiving hate mail, but with no background information on her story, I let that go and decided it would all come out eventually. Anyway, there's lots of info on other blogs about it out there- all you have to do is google "april rose blog scam." I feel bad for people that got involved earlier and spent lots of time and energy on this story- I know how emotionally caught up I get in other people's struggles, and it's such a shame to think that good people were dragged through all this! I guess we all have to decided what we believe, but it sounds to me as if it truly is a scam.


Following Him said...

I too have no idea what to think now. I spent hours praying for April Rose and now am at a loss.

James' Full House said...

I had been following after being asked to pray for April Rose months ago. At times things seemed off to me. Being a labor and delivery nurse things just didn't add up. But then different areas do things differently and I had no idea where she was. So I over looked it. I now feel that this was not real.That was not a 4lb sick baby! The cheeks were full and chubby. I see sick babies and that was not one! I feel very taken advantage of and violated. I guess that is a chance you take in blog world. It isn't for us to judge per say who deserves prayer, B is need of it either way at this point. I pray that April Rose if real is OK and if not real that B who ever she is will seek forgiveness and a relationship with God. I feel very sad for her.


anonymous said...

for the record i love you blog. i read it daily and i find matthew's madness to be very funny. you have your hands full with that one.

regarding this post: it's sad that someone's life is so empty that they would do something like this. i followed this blog (not everyday) like others did and felt sorry for this girl to be going through this. i never thought it was a hoax. and i'm a pretty skeptical person. i hope that she (if this is a hoax) is caught and prosecuted if she did take money from people. like other's have said no matter what, this girl needs all the prayers she can get. like Brandi i'm sad for this girl.

s from sc

heidi said...

i know Alyssa whose xanga account was hijacked in order to funnel funds for April Rose... Alyssa is sick over this as it happened just before she gave birth to her own baby. Alyssa is real and does not have anything to do with April Rose.

THANK YOU for posting that April Rose was FAKE because I was getting really confused... the website seemed so real and sooo many people were praying.

God Bless =o)

heidi said...

this is Alyssa's blog so you can see she is getting Blog Frog to further investigate.


Alyssa is Norm Wakefield's daughter.

Robin said...

I had read bits and pieces of her blog over the past couple of months when other blogs asked for prayers for this family. I never really "got hooked" for some reason and now I'm glad I didn't. I did read on Sunday after reading a Tweet from McMamma. Once I saw the picture of the "baby"....I just KNEW something wasn't right. As a past L&D nurse, I've seen many babies with different things wrong with them and NONE of them looked like that chubby-cheeked baby. I kept thinking "something just looks OFF with that baby"....once someone mentioned "reborn doll" it clicked! That was it! I've seen that very same reborn baby before on the internet!
I have read all of the other blogs on this subject, and I still am just going to keep out of it. I don't know who or what or WHY someone would do this...but if it is a scam, I hope things are made right.


momstheword said...

Well, I never read the blog, so didn't hear about this until today.

If this is true, as it appears to be, it's just very sad that someone would do this.

Jenny said...

Well, I feel better now that Angie, Jennifer and Raechel have all posted on their blogs about where their hearts are in all of this! I'm ready to let it go...


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