Monday, December 29, 2008


If you're following Kayleigh's story, then you should watch her video! It's at the top of the sidebar (right side) under the donate area on their blog. There is no picture- just click on the link. It is an amazing video that chronicles Kayleigh's whole story. The link to their blog is on my sidebar.

Baby Kayleigh update...

Kayleigh's procedure was cancelled, and she's not doing well. Please pray that she will be able to stabilize again- her lung is collapsing! Be sure to go to the family blog for more info!!!

Baby Kayleigh

Kayleigh's surgery is set for 12:00 noon EST today! Please say a quick prayer for her!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My mission....

You may have noticed the button on the sidebar at the top of my blog asking everyone to pray for Kayleigh Freeman- well, here's the story behind it and my new mission to help!

About a month ago, I "accidentally" (although I believe it was God's will) came across a blog from a family that lost a baby several mos. ago, after surviving in the NICU for about 3 mos. They also have an older child- I think he's 4- that has a trach, and now the mom is expecting again. I was so moved by their story and their amazing faith in God, that I began to read their blog daily. Then one day, a button for Kayleigh popped up on the side of their blog, and I went to Kayleigh's blog to check it out. Kayleigh is a beautiful little baby that was born too soon weighing only 1lb. 1oz., and is now struggling every day just to grow and survive. The dad is the main author of the blog, and he does an AMAZING job with the updates! He realizes how many people his blog has touched! Well, needless to say, I now not only check their blog every day, but I pray for Kayleigh several times a day, every time I think of her!

I now realize that there are so many families out there struggling with babies in the NICU or babies that they have lost, and I am so thankful to have found these blogs! All of the families have posted other families blogs on their own websites, so you can find hundreds with no effort. So, what can I do besides pray? Well, I just ordered bracelets for myself and the girls to wear for baby Kayleigh- they desperately need donations! If anyone out there that reads my blog is moved to help, please do! You can get a bracelet or make a straight donation to the family.

And now I have a new mission! On Kayleigh's blog, there is a new post today for help from another family that has lost 2 babies and is now doing a "onsie-drive" for their NICU- the same NICU that Kayleigh happens to be in! I would ask everyone to consider this cause and what it will mean to those families, and please donate if you can!!!

I just can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to go through the struggles of these families, but I am so amazed at their strength and their faith- ALL of them! It really puts my life into perspective, and I thank God every day for my MANY blessings- especially the health of my children!!! This is my very small way of helping out, and I hope that this will move more people to help as well.

Here are the blog addresses that I follow- please check them out:
Kaden and Angel Ava (the 1st family I found):
Kayleigh Freeman:

I will post all of these addresses in a new section titled "special babies" on the sidebar of my blog, so there will be a direct link there as well! I know there are so many wonderful people out there that read my blog- hope that you can help!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jacob and Tigger

Jacob learned how to go backward down the stairs- yay! And here are some pics of him terrorizing poor Tigger (not really- he's actually really good w/ him)!

Super Heroes and KING-size beds!!

Matthew & Noah got superhero jammies from grampy & mummu for Christmas this year- real "guy" wear!!! They are having a blast running around in them! The other pics are of all 7 kids in our new bed- it doesn't look so big with all of them on it, but then, there are SEVEN of them!!!

King-size it please...!

My Christmas gift this year from Zack (even though we agreed NO gifts for eachother!) was a brand-new bed! It was a total surprise, but a welcome one!! Our old mattress is 7yrs. old, which may not seem bad to most people, but you have to remember that I have been pregnant with 3 babies, and we have moved 5 times in that time frame. That mattress was on its last leg, or should I say its last foam-wrapped coil! Anyway, we've always said that we would LOVE to have a KING-size bed, but that meant not only changing the mattress, but also every piece of bedding( you HAVE to have a bedskirt and shams!), and the headboard and footboard! That's what has stopped us for the last couple of years. So I was shocked to learn that Zack had chosen a KING-size bed for us!!! He went to the mall and got one of those "sleep-by-the-numbers" mattresses, and it is fabulous! He even got a down comforter and sheets, so we got to use it right away, but I still get to pick all the fun stuff!!!

So, that brings me to the rest of my story: the main reason we have wanted a king-size bed is that it seems like even though we always start out with only two of us in the bed, by the middle of the night we have usually added at least one more, and sometimes 2! Well, last night, we had these freak thunderstorms, and you can bet it didn't take long for Mr. Matthew to come running down the hall! Jacob was soon to follow, even though he still sleeps in a crib right next to our bed! It was FABULOUS!! There was soooooo much room- wow! And Zack & I are waking up feeling much younger! That last bed had us feeling OLD- aches and pains in every limb! It may sound silly to be so excited about a bed, but Zack definitely scored points this year!!!

The Brady Bunch!

Allie created this scapblog of the family to look sort of like the brady bunch, although we do have one extra now!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Spirit!

2 days til Christmas, and we're just finishing up the sugar cookies! Matthew is ready for Santa, as you can see!! And the back of our front door is rapidly filling up with Christmas cards- keep them coming!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lunch and Santa!

After church yesterday, we had brunch at Cracker Barrel and then went over to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa! It was beautifully decorated, and there were lots of activities for the kids, including cookie decorating and shooting at targets- "you'll shoot your eye out!" It was a great day!! We also planned to go for a horse-drawn carriage ride, but w/ the windchill, it was 15 below!!!!!

The children's choir!

Noah did a wonderful job yesterday as he participated in our church's children's choir! They got to start out singing with the band and then did their own songs as well- a great way to celebrate the true joy of Christmas!


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