Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Time

Wal-Mart was having a special: 4 pumpkins for $10- you know I couldn't pass that one up, so we got 8 of them!!! They had some nice big ones too. The kids spent about 2 hours last night carving them and we ended up with some fabulous designs: a witch, a cat, a spider, a "welcome," several traditional jack-o-lanterns, and Allie even did one that said "THE GANG!" After they were all carved, we roasted the seeds- a tray of garlic and herb seeds, and a tray of cinnamon and sugar seeds- yum! Oh, I forgot- Zack did a pumpkin that looks like it's throwing up- can't wait to light that one up!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey all- I recently hosted a "Scentsy" candle party and really love the product, SO......I've decided to become a consultant!  If you haven't heard of Scentsy, and you love candles, be sure you check out their website at:   If you like what you see, let me know!  The holidays are coming, and this will make a fabulous gift!  I am so impressed with not only the fact that there is no flame and they are very safe, but also the wonderful fragrances- you can't go wrong!  All that and the warmers are VERY nice!  Let me know what you think!!

Take Care- Jenny

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Boy Breakfast

Jacob is having his very first meal on his own today! I always hate switching from jar food to table food because it just seems so much less nutritious, so I tend to put it off until 13 or 14 mos! But that just means more work for me and more expense (that baby food costs a small fortune)! So, I ran into a lady at the store the other day, and she told me that she feeds her 9mo-old table food, and that he eats Nutrigrain waffles for breakfast. She also told me that she microwaves the waffles instead of toasting them, and they turn out nice and soft. Sounded like a good idea, so I tried it. I got some cinnamon Nutrigrain waffles and microwaved 2 at a time for 30 seconds-YUM!! They were a big hit w/ both Jacob and Matthew! And Jacob had no problem w/ them at all! It also gave me 20 min. to myself with both boys caged and occupied!!!!! Yay!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our long-awaited Halloween party!

We had a fabulous Halloween party last night- lots of friends and neighbors came for a night of fun games and yummy food! Emily's "haunted room" was a big hit! So were the "marshmallow guns!" I uploaded these pictures in order, but they managed to shift themselves around a bit- oh well. At the end of the night, Matthew fell asleep on the couch with the witch brooms- the end of a great night!

Our monkeys!

Last night, Zack hung a rope up for the pinata for our Halloween party, but the kids had other ideas! This morning, Zack dragged out his saw and added a seat to the rope, so we now have a permanent swing in our backyard!! Needless to say, the kids (ALL of them) have been outside all day on the new addition!!!


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