Sunday, August 31, 2008

Favorite beach pictures!

More Favorites!

First day of school!

Here are a few pictures from the first day of school- the kids started 2 weeks ago, and Noah is an all-day kindergartner this year. Allie is a sophomore, Emily a freshman, Sophie is in 7th grade and Josh is in 4th grade!

Matthew's New Trick!

Well, Matthew pulled a new one on us today- one that we haven't seen from his 5 older siblings! We came in the kitchen today to find 2 empty gallons of milk and an empty orange juice jug sitting in the middle of the floor. The bathroom light was on and the toilet seat was up, but there was nothing else wrong and no mess anywhere! After questioning our spirited 2yr old, he told us that he put the milk in the water and showed us how he had dumped everything down the toilet!!! He's very interested in the toilet right now and has used it several times, so we know he's just trying to figure out how things work, but that was a pretty expensive experiment!!!

Sophie's new talent

Sophie has discovered the art of balloon animals, and she's pretty good at it! Here are some of her first creations!

Disneyworld 2008

Allie & Sophie- Video!

Check out these two in action! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of our blog and turn off the music playing on the blog page so you can hear the sound on the video clip. Watch for Matthew in the background at the end. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

21 Years!!!

On August 21st, 1987, I made the best decision of my life! That was the day I went with a group of friends to a dance club (Traxx!) and met the man that I would eventually marry! It was such a "chance" meeting because I lived 20 minutes in one direction, and Zack lived 20 minutes in the other direction, and we spent our first 2 years of dating doing a lot of driving back and forth! The last 21 years have been an amazing journey that I would not trade for anything in the world. It's like going on the biggest, scariest, most thrilling roller coaster ride ever and never getting off!!! We have experienced so many things together and have been blessed with 7 wonderful children- wow! WOW!!! I almost feel like somehow today is more important than the day we married beacause we have been together since that very first night. So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Zack! I look forward so much to the next 21 years!!! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Trip Status!

I had planned to try to blog every night during our trip about how each day went- ha, ha, ha, ha!!! After 2 very long days of driving, we then spent 4.5 days at Disneyworld, returning to the hotel around midnight each night! I forgot to pack Matthew's diapers and only had what was in the diaper bag, so we ended up in Wal-Mart at 12:30am after our first full park day. It was CRAZY!
Here are the parks we hit: Universal- Islands of Adventure (one of our favorites for thrill rides- The Hulk and Dueling Dragons rock baby!!!), Epcot, Wild Animal Kingdom (our 1st time there and we were not impressed- not worth it), and then we did a few hours at Hollywood Studios and finished off at Magic Kingdom (of course). They changed "The Tiki Room" and we were very sad! One of our family favorites was the Hollywood Tower of Terror- it was FABULOUS!!!

Three things I have learned from this trip so far:
1. Do not go to Disneyworld in August- it is too hot! We felt like we spent too much time searching for air conditioning and beverages!
2. ALWAYS get the Parkhopper option- that's the only way to really get your money's worth cuz you just never know what's going to happen!
3. At Disneyworld, it's "survival of the fittest," and you better be prepared to be in "get-out-of-my-way mode!" People can be sooooo rude! I almost got in a fistfight our 1st day with a group of "line-cutters!"
But in the end, we managed to wrangle 7 children, 2 strollers, 9 waterbottles, 2 diaper bags, a camera and a squirt fan and we still had a great time! And maybe, just maybe, we will do it again in a couple of years!!!

Florida or Bust!

Florida- the final frontier! To boldly go where the Zacharewicz family has gone before- just not in 2 cars!
Day 1:
-I think we drove through 5 or 6 states on the first day- I lost count along the way!
-One of the rules for the trip is that we have a buddy system and you stay with your buddy at all times. So, before we left we chose buddies: Allie & Noah, Emily & Josh, and Sophie & Matthew.
-Another trip rule is that, since we will be eating so many meals out, the kids each get a turn to choose where we eat. We started with Allie & went down from there and it has worked out really well so far and for the 1st time ever there is no fighting about where we eat!!
-Our first day went pretty well, although we ended up on a detour and since both Zack & I were driving and didn't trust the girls to read the map, we had to call my mom and have her look at a map and be sure we were headed in the right direction!
-Big mistake: I don't know who I was trying to impress, although I might have caught the eye of several truckers as I sped past them in my suburban carrying 5 kids, but I made the mistake of wearing a cute little skirt & blouse to drive in. Day 2: sweat shorts and a tank top baby!!!
-Can you say budget? We're trying to eat cheaply (and yes, I use that term loosely) before we hit the theme parks where meals cost 3x as much. So dinner our first night consisted of Sonic for the kids, a salad from Wendy's for me & the free microwave popcorn in our hotel room for Zack!! Can't wait for Day 2!!


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