Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Noah's News!

The last few days have been very eventful for Noah! It all began with him learning to ride without his training wheels. He then got his first fishing pole over the weekend and caught three fish all by himself! Then today at the pool, he called us all over to show us that he could do a front flip and a back flip in the water- it was completely out of the blue- he had never even tried to do flips before today. He's also making great progress in his swimming lessons, and he was able to swim in the deep end of our pool all by himself this week. This is a huge accomplishment as he has always been very afraid of the water when he can't touch! Go Noah!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No more wheels!

We just took the training wheels off of Noah's bike (he'll be 6 in September)- we've been so busy that it never even occurred to us that he might be ready! Well, not only was he ready, but he started riding with a single push from Zack and that was it! The next thing we knew, he was all the way down the street and turning around to come back!! We've never had a child learn to ride a bike that fast, and we've actually started a couple of them at an even later age! We're thrilled and so proud, and our backs are rejoicing!!!

17 Years!

To celebrate our 17th anniversary, Zack & I decided to go out to dinner w/out the kids, but of course we still took the baby. We had a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, but it was cut short when Jake reached over and grabbed the very large, very full glass of iced tea that Zack had in front of him and dumped it ALL over Zack!! I was a little disappointed at the time, but after thinking about it, I realized that it was perfect! It represents everything about our last 17 years together. We have so many stories like it, and we live for those moments! Sometimes life seems so hard, but I realize that all the hard work that we do is like setting aside little treasures that we will someday look back and marvel at, not to mention miss like crazy! We have many, many years of dinners together, but our children will only be little for such a short time!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Photos 2008

Family Photos 2008

We FINALLY had some family pictures taken with our newest addition! I think the photographer was a little overwhelmed- the best pictures ended up being the ones that we thought up the poses for! I think we should have a video tape of the session- it's always a crazy adventure!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Driving Miss Allie!

Well, she won't let me take her picture, but I am thrilled to report that Allie just drove me to the store and back, and she's a FABULOUS driver!!! My baby's driving me, and for the first time, it's not up the wall!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Jake

Baby Jake

We had Jacob's christening pictures taken today! He just turned 6 months old on May 29th. We are having him baptized over the 4th of July holiday up in Billings, Montana, along with my sister's 11-month-old baby. They are being baptized in the same church that both my dad and I were baptized in, so it will be a very special day!

Noah Bedoah!

The other day Noah said to me "Mom, my middle name should be God so that I will have two famous names- Noah God!"


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